January 18th, 2001



back from running... we left at midnight, and got back just now. 20 minute runs are still pretty pathetic compared to what we did in cross country, but we keep running a lot further. i convinced eli to do a different and much further run today, but only hitting his favorite hill 1 time instead of 3 .... it took a lot of convincing but he agreed. he really only does the runs for the hill. i prefer to do one huge run instead of a bunch of little ones. kenji almost didn't go today, but we convinced him too -- heheh.

off task

so, i'm supposed to be doing a bunch of programming now for both my mom and for LJ, but instead i'm going to denny's with a ton of people from IRC.... at0m, chris, zahnrad, DL, etc....

my mom's programming i'm particularly glad to skip: i wrote her a program in VB like 5 years ago to help her enter beaverton area little league forms into a database ... i've regretted it ever since: they kept using it and need changes every year as they change their form..... aharraghghg.... I h8 VB!!!!

Fax machine

Frustrated by Seattle traffic and parking while trying to get to a Kinko's, I said 'fuck it' and went out and bought myself a fax machine and calling card finally. Class is in 30 minutes ... will I make it? I have to send a fax first.


I'm a boy. That's good to know.

I'm working on LJ stuff finally .... it's nice to have errands and crap done. I'm not going to let anybody bug me for the next day or so.


  • finishing setting up LJ development box ... playing with proftpd
  • cleaning room
    • moving stuff around to make room for my fax machine.
    • cleaning my shelves...
    • going through all my cd-roms and putting old ones in my crap cd collection (of AOL CDs and such) .... particularly amusing was Visual C++ 2.0. heh. what else? redhat 5.2 ... tons of old drivers,
  • getting ready for the LJ IP change... have the new config files ready... just waiting for chris to tell me he's ready.
feelin' productive