January 22nd, 2001



Guess I'm going to bed now, even though I'm not tired.
I have to wake up and study tomorrow morning, since I don't feel like it now.
I hate Monday/Tuesday.

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physics midterm was about what I expected, perhaps a little difficult. whatever ... it's over now. did pretty decent.

dana's in math class now, bored... she's text messaging me from her phone and we're having a little conversation. I found it amusing in physics the other day that that the professor makes a point to say that cellphones cannot be used during the midterm ... I guess people act like they're using it like a calculator (when in reality I've never seen a good calcuator on a phone), but really use it to text message each other during class. heh ... stupid, I figure: you couldn't have both your phone and calculator out without it being obvious you're using your phone to cheat, so anybody talking to anybody else on a phone also wouldn't have a calculator out, and that'd make the majority of the problems damn near impossible.

not sure what I'm doing now .... maybe I'll do some homework. actually, I need to do homework.... tomorrow is Tuesday Hell Day. bleh.


been working on a fun lj project, eating dry frosted mini wheats, and drinkin' dr. pepper.

scott and I did the recycling, as we do twice a week now ... i'm impressed by how much our house has gotten its shit together when it comes to recycling... we used to recycle only bottles and cans, leaving our trash can overflowing each week, but now we fill up all three of our recycle cans each week (each one of which is as big as our trash can).

val, eli, scott and I stood around talking in the kitchen about how impossible it is living in a house with 11 people: there's always going to be at least 1 or 2 really messy or disrespectful people each week that invalidates anybody else's cleaning efforts and eats other people's food... *sigh*

wet grass = yuck

blythe came over to do her music homework (she didn't buy a book... she uses mine)

she smells like wet grass, though ... or her shoes do, or something, but it stinks.

and my room was so pristine and wonderful smelling. :-(
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heh, I was cleaning my backpack out and I found a crumpled up, worn post-it note with my initial notes for paid accounts. it has the following bullets
  • email address
  • user.livejournal.com (?)
  • multiple pictures
  • text messaging
  • customize talk pages
  • stats
I love finding old stuff like this... I put it all in my LJ folder when I find it. It's fun to look at later. It's amusing that there is stuff on here I still haven't done... stats should be easy, I just need a few hours one weekend. customizing talk pages (and userinfo pages, friends day views, text messaging pages, comments posted/received pages, etc....) are all currently my new top priority in redesigning the style system.

damnit, need to get back to homework.... I'm still on my cleaning spree... blythe was floored when she saw how spotless it is in here.


I have no fucking clue what I'm doing on physics ... not even enough to guess and get partial credit. I suppose I'll move on now to geography homework ... that's always extremely mindless, albeit time consuming.