January 25th, 2001


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have to interrupt fun project to go running
so much food in belly (from amy's great dinner)
kenji and i are stuffed
big lap + small lap day = 4 small laps = dead
Trippy, tired, Tired


I wanted to finish the todo list tool tonight, but there are so many little details that I keep wanting to get right first. Small example: when you have your to-do list filtered on a certain category, when you add a new item, you want that form to be pre-filled with the category you were looking at. That's not hard at all to add, but it's all the little things that add up that take time. Damn last 20%, always gots to be oppressin' me.

So, I think I'm going to sleep shortly here... I'm slowing down, anyway.

stupid 34 cents

i don't have any of those stupid 1 cent stamps, so I'm just using two 33 cent stamps. go me. i wonder if they reject mail from people if they only use 33 cents, not knowing or not caring it went up to 34 cents? i should include a post-it note on my letters saying, "Dear Postmaster, please allow 32 other messages that are below postage to go through, since I'm paying for them with this extra fucking 33 cent stamp. Thank you."


off to lunch w/ blythe, some mail box, then class, then hanging out with sarah for an hour before her class.


"What are my friends doing?"
Nothing interesting, that's for damn sure.

Back from lunch/class/sarah/post-office. Got my bike worked on during class+break ... so nice now. Like I told the guy working on it, there wasn't really anything really wrong with it, but there were so many little things that needed tuning that I just kept putting off, mainly due to lack of tools and motivation. So, $6.25 and 2 hours later, I have a fun to ride bike again.

Programmin' time.

die, nintendo.


can't stand having that fucking tv right outside my bedroom. yeah yeah ... i know it's probably nowhere as bad as anil's room or val's room being on the same floor, but i picked this room because I hoped it'd be really secluded and quiet. i shouldn't have bought that crappy old tv from my brother ... everybody goes and plays nintendo on it, talks unnecessarily loud and screams whenever they get a powerup, and the damn thing has a high pitch screech to it that permeates all barriers.

if i get rid of the tv, will it get rid of the people? it's my tv ... can I take a bat to it? it's the most disfunctional, heavy, old, useless tv in the world. it holds no value to me whatsoever ... in fact, i despise it. i wish it were dead. i wonder if my housemates would get angry if they found it missing one evening.

hell, they'd probably just start playing darts down here instead.

damnit ... sick of living with so many people. the house is a dump, but a decent dump .... it's the people and noise that make the place so intolerable.

i had a plan, i'm wondering if it'll work: i want to go buy 11 battery holders, 11 LEDs, 11 switches, and some wiring. i'll make little things to mount above everybody's bedroom doors with a switch on it ... if you're sleeping or working on something important, you turn on your don't fuck with me light ... people see that and then, conceptually, they respect it and be quiet.

would it work? probably not. fuckers can't even do dishes in this house.

so sad.

... and now I have to turn up 2pac so loud to block it all out that I'm probably pissing off scott, who's the quietest and most respectful person of everyone. :-(

better plan: i'll wear headphones. *shrug*