January 28th, 2001


parents gone

(livejournal.exe crashed again --- but this time i was able to take a screenshot first and retype it ... using loserjabber now again)

done entertaining my parents for the day.

list of things we did:
  • greenlake + burritos
  • golden gardens
  • movie (snatch)
  • gordon biersch
  • broadway + dessert
they brought up my birthday presents and I opened them early:
  • few more pairs of pants (more than doubling my number of pants
  • HUGE FRICKIN' TOOL SET ... totally kick ass
  • pots and pans and skillets and cookin' stuff (are they trying to tell me something??)
  • rechargable powered vacuum cleaner ... totally cool. my parents have one at the beach: totally cool. i love to vacuum.
now blythe and i are going to continue watching willy wonka, since we didn't finish it last night.

I ate tooooo much at dinner today .... so stuffed. i always starve all day and then overeat at dinner. i need to learn to eat a little more often.


superbowl commercials have been pretty weak so far.
the only one that's been amusing was the car stuck up in the tree.
hopefully some more funny ones show up later --- they usually do.
i missed the "what is happening?" mock of "whaazzzzuuppp?"
hopefully they replay it.