January 30th, 2001



i'm helping kenji make some wicks to spin ... we made chains like a month and a half ago, and bought lights a few weeks ago .. he's been bugging me to help him make wicks for over a month.

i haven't taken a shower yet because i'm waiting for megan to clean it ... the shower floor is brown and sticky. gross. she's gonna clean it in the next 10 minutes she said, 10 or so minutes ago. should be ready sometime soon.


i'm now plan to finish everything I didn't finish earlier.

i did get my physics done earlier before we went running, so I think I'll work better now, knowing that I can sleep at any time if I really want to.

eating dry grape nuts. mmm.

fingers cold.
Trippy, tired, Tired

bed time.

i stayed up late and finished the majority of the stuff I wanted to do today.

the two "get ahead with schoolwork" items on my mental list were somehow overlooked. accident? heh. :-)

bed time now.... tired.

can't sleep

brittney's car alarm started going off at about 3:40, but I had just crawled into bed.

what's really keeping me awake is being so hungry. why am I so hungry? I ate dinner today .... kinda. lunch/dinner combo sometime before my nap. yeah .... guess i didn't really eat.

going to have some bread now. mmmm.... bread.

i installed Eazel's Nautilus PR3 .... a lot better, but still slow and cumbersome. i'm slowly losing faith in open source on the desktop. i remain hopeful, however.

3 hours left.

One class left: 3 hour physics lab.

Then an hour of physics homework, an innertube basketball game (hell yeah!), and a few more hours of physics homework.

losing stuff

i'm missing one of my physics textbooks ... i wonder how long it's been missing: I've never went to read it until now. :-)

oh, I did find my phone earlier, btw ... it was in my coat pocket.


physics progress: 71.75 of 85 points. between dana and I we can figure most things out, but I don't feel like I'm learning much.

leaving for our innertube basketball game in 10 minutes or so.... hungry. can't eat now, though. :-/

Mathematica? I wish.

I feel so dirty. (I'll explain in a second)

I don't own or know how to use any high-end mathematics software. I once had R skillz, but they've been fading over the past year or so.

So, when it came time to find the average value of the function sin(wt)cos(wt+pi/8), what do I do?

use constant PI => 3.14159;
use constant PHI => PI / 8;
for ($t=0; $t<PI*20; $t+=0.01) {
  $val = sin($t)*cos($t+PHI);
  $points++; $sum += $val;
printf "avg = %.4f\n", ($sum/$points);
I got the answer correct (and 3 other similiar problems), but this is totally the wrong way to do it.

I really wish I were good at math ... I used to be a lot better, but I'm forgetting so much. There are so many things I wish I were good at, but it's a matter of time.

I want to learn German more. I bought a whole pack of "learn German" CD-ROMs .... I should spend more time working with those.




Took a break a bit ago to spin with Kenji and Eli .... I can now do the weave backwards ... fun stuff. Kenji's a natural --- very smooth. Eli ... well. Let's just say he's making progress. He doesn't look like such a goof anymore. It's funny, though: he growls and looks like he has to take a shit while he spins. I'll get a picture up sometime.