January 31st, 2001


banking bitch.

off to the bank to deposit 13 checks for ~ $4,200 dollars.... everybody's rent money plus some of the utility money. (because not everybody has paid me back yet) yee haw.

i wanted to go on monday, but I didn't get everybody's money in time. now's the first free time I have available, but I really don't feel like going to the bank ... but I have to, since rent is due. grrrr.

next month somebody else is going to be doing all this .... I can't wait. the funny part is, nobody has volunteered yet. heh ... i foresee our utilities being turned off in the future. :-)


ARARRGG soo frustrated!!!

stupid roommates get me checks too fucking late, and stupid washington mutual makes everything so difficult

stupid yahoo and AOL people reply to automated emails from livejournal .... one replied to the "validate your password by clicking this link: {{URL}}" message, and asked, "can you validate me?" NO YOU DUMBSHIT! Do it yourself! another replied to the "change of password" email and just said "hi". Hi!?!? how stupid can you be? replying to an automated message? Grrrrrrrr.

people are playing nintendo ago. my housemates just kinda piss me off in general lately.... i keep trying to send a fax to our landlord but people are always on the phone, either here or at his office.... so annoying

and so much more, but I forgot. I don't feel like eating or running tonight. (by "eating" I mean the regular many-hour wednesday cooking/eating thing at blythe's.)


i moved my outlook express shortcut from the quick launch bar to a menu in my start menu 3 levels deep....

i've gone to check my mail 4 or 5 times now and refrained, now that I can't do it instinctively now. using the start menu is annoying ... good place to put stuff I shouldn't be using all the time.

as a result, my productivity has increased greatly.

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had a house meeting --- went pretty well. 8 people are now paying bills and taking care of misc things that before I did. hooray.

going running now with kenji and eli.

tomorrow morning I'm meeting with evan on campus before classes, but I forget when and where. evan?