February 1st, 2001


day in review.

met evan at 10:30 to eat and program.
we both worked on some cool stuff.
12:30: class ... boring.
1:30: chillin' with blythe
2:30: class... semi boring.. long.
3:30: chillin' with sarah.
4:30-now-7:00ish: programmin'
7:00/7:30: going to the mall to eat/shop with blythe
later: programmin'

night in review.

got blythe her xmas presents.
got ivar's food to go at the mall.
watched survivor with people.
spun with kenji and blythe. blythe and I can both spin, walk to each other, and spin around each other's backs... fun stuff.
watching 'Go' now with Blythe