February 2nd, 2001


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Heh ... I thought up a good plan to eliminate the dishes never being put away in our house. (Read it from the bottom up ... it'll make more sense ... except for Eli's reply in the middle ... that dumbass doesn't know how to start a new thread, so he just replies in the middle of another thread. *sigh*)

Trying to clean my inbox now.... so much mail. :-/


Tonight was mail night. Only 11 messages in my inbox now.

Also, I got postfix running nicely on my linux box as a mail relay for our house, since USWest's SMTP servers suck. I used to just have a cronjob keep an ssh session open to UW, then use port forwarding to make my local port 25 be UW's SMTP server, but theirs is unreliable too. All this stress and work over outgoing mail and I didn't think of running an MTA locally first. Stupid me. Works nicely now.

Think I'm going to bed now.


kinda skipped all my classes today and slept instead.
they weren't important, anyway.
well ... i don't think.
off to fedex something and get some food.
that was some nice sleep.


I've had this feeling the past day or so that I could puke at any time. Really weird ... I don't feel sick at all, not in the way you normally feel sick when you feel like puking. I feel great ... really awake, really happy, I just feel like there's something in my lower throat that I need to puke up.


Update: 7 minutes after writing this, I start coughing. Goddamnit. :-P

stupid search engines

This is funny:
Congratulation someone has just performed a "web search" at the HootingOwl Search Engine using the search term


and your web site


is being displayed on the first page of search results.

To further enhance the ability for HootingOwl to promote your web site, please visit


and also enter your web site as a FREE listing into the "HootingOwl Directory".

What a shitty search engine they have. :-)

cool day

this has been a pretty damn cool day.
i've got so much done, and i'm still awake.

things i've done ....
skip classes, lot of sleep, errands, food, cleaned room, tons of programming, pizza, spinning, more programming. thinking of making some cookies later or something .... or going and taking pictures somewhere. not sure.

the night is young!