February 3rd, 2001



what to do? what to do?

i think i'll take a shower.... i was such a bum yesterday... i didn't even take one. i did wash my face and brush my teeth and stuff... i'm not that gross. i just never found time to take a shower. i was doing something productive nearly all day.

later blythe and I are going to make cookies .... hmmm....cookies.

i should eat some real food before that, though.

evening, so far.

ate some pizza with scott... burnt my lower lip: white burn puffy area now. ouch.

worked on hackin' net::ftpserver. my faith in open source is once again restored. some projects don't suck.

going to blythe's to make cookies.

still feels like there's some down behind my adam's apple that tickles/scratches that I want to puke up or something. damnit.

Stupid ICQ

I turned on ICQ for the first time in weeks and my screen filled up with over 60 windows. Took forever to close them. Then, I had 41 people waiting for authorization for me to add them. I authorized 2.

I hate ICQ. I especially hate the people that send you messages when you're offline and expect you to reply to them. One guy said, "I'm too lazy to use email, so I wanted to talk to you about.......". Give me a fucking break.

Worse, I opened up ICQ on Windows.... that was my first mistake. The Linux ICQ clients are all so much better than the official ICQ client. Mirabilis people can't program worth shit. Every single piece of that application makes me want to cry. Back to using GnomeICU now.... sanity.