February 4th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired

sysadmin monkey

I hate hate hate system administration. (that's 3 hates, btw)
So tedious and non-rewarding.
Programming? Programming rules.
System administration just ain't mah thang.
I wish I had a little sysadmin monkey that I could tell it what to do and it'd go do it, and report back to me when it was done and I'd give it bananas.
I wish I had a little monkeys for a lot of things ... cleaning my room, biting stupid people, ordering me pizza....

Tomorrow's gonna suck: two midterms on Monday. Monday is also my birthday ... great birthday present, eh? Then, I have to do all my homework that's due Tuesday because I don't feel like doing homework on my birthday.

I need to sleep.
Oh, but I can't ... because I have to do sysadmin stuff that I can't do during peak usage times. Goddamn sysadmin monkeys not bein' here... what? better trees and bananas in the jungle, you say? Screw you, monkey.


03:29:19 LindelO: HELLO
03:29:29 SirBradly: HI U WANT 2 CYBER?????????
03:29:43 SirBradly: A/S/L
03:30:30 LindelO: 12/f/Georgia, you?
03:30:46 SirBradly: 42/M/AK
03:30:56 SirBradly: U LIKE OLD GUYZ?
03:31:06 LindelO: Dude, wrinklez turn me on.
03:31:27 SirBradly: I HAV WRIKSLE ON MY BUM
03:31:53 LindelO: and i'll trase my fingerz on them wrinckles
03:32:19 SirBradly: WILL U LICK MAH WRICKLES?!?
03:32:50 LindelO: only if I's can bite them
03:33:28 SirBradly: U R 1 WEIRD 12 yr OLD
03:33:51 LindelO: what's you expect? I is from georgia
03:34:24 SirBradly: GG I WNT 2 SLEEP NW GB
03:35:03 LindelO: Night Brad :)

it's time to go to bed. oh yes.


stupid people

This makes me want to scream:
this is the hardest thing to do I cant validate my journal, if you could would you please give me more specific instructions on how to validate my journal I would muchly appriciate it
Is it a rule that to use AOL you have to be dumb and have bad spelling & grammar?

Two midterms and my birthday tomorrow. 0 midterms studied for so far.

Hungry ... need food.

Web designers suck.

Why do people put "Best viewed at 1024x768" on their web sites?

1) You shouldn't design a website for a certain browser, certain operating system, or certain monitor size. It should work everywhere.

2) Even if you do target one resolution, what good does telling the users what resolution looks best accomplish? If they're below that, it's probably because their monitor or video card sucks... you don't need to tell them your website was designed for a higher resolution. Trust me, they already know from the scrollbars all over the place. (did you really need to use frames? no, you didn't.) Nobody lowers their resolution for the fun of it. And, if they're above that resolution, it's pretty silly showing that message isn't it? I mean, personally I think 1600x1200 looks better than 1024x768 ... should I lower my resolution to look at this person's shitty site?

Same with color depth.

I hate stupid web designers.

afternoon/evening so far.

did some homework.
cleaned my room.

time to study for geography midterm.
only one midterm tomorrow, I realized.

my music midterm is on tuesday.
trying to get all my tuesday homework done today.
then i can just drink all monday.


Chlorophyl? More like borophyl!
Try as I may, I'm unable to to find Geography interesting enough to study for. The midterm consists of 5 short-answer essay questions, of which you're required to answer 3. I think it should be easy enough.

Screw studying, I don't care.



Went to at0m's to cut my chains down with his bolt cutter. Watched him spin a bit .... so fluid.

Kenji and I made dinner. It was cheaper and healthier, but cooking takes so long. I complain, but it was good.

Erik and I are watching "Cannibal, the Musical" now.

Studying? Hah. Whatever.