February 5th, 2001



went to safeway and got a shitload of beer. we took pictures of everything spread out in my room once we got home, but i left my camera up in eli's room and he went to bed.

i should probably go to bed.... have that geography midterm tomorrow. if i don't study, i might as well sleep .... one of the two usually help. (both would be ideal, but like that's gonna happen....)

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21. Now what?

Well, I'm 21. So, now what? As Nick said, no birthday past this means anything. I can get into NC-17 movies, vote, buy lottery tickets, drink in Canada, and drink in the US. At 25 car insurance goes down, but whoop-de-doo.


Today: study for midterm tomorrow, do some physics homework, build the new servers (once they arrive), pick up Righellis at the airport, go out drinking.

This summer: find a nice house/apartment to rent while I finish off school. Take summer classes. Develop LiveJournal's business side of things so it's not dependent much on me. Hell, I can hardly run the technical side of things usually, much less doing the business stuff.

Next year: Be done with school. Have LiveJournal at a point where I'm "just an employee".

After that, ideally: Move to Europe, learn a language, work for LiveJournal remotely, work on new projects (?). That would totally kick ass.

After that, worst case: Get a job. ugh. But if I did, get a job at a cool place like Speakeasy, where it's somewhat small and laid back, and the people are cool.

Hell, I don't know what I'm going to do.

More dumb AOLers

From: MeoteorFlame17@aol.com
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 19:05:03 EST
Subject: Re: New Booth Registration
To: webmaster@freevote.com
X-Mailer: AOL 5.0 for Windows sub 130

what does "modify" mean
And you thought they couldn't get any stupider!


Happy Birthday Brad,
You're finally 21. Have a happy birthday.


P.S. Don't drink and drive
Awww.... how nice. :-P

Servers ... plans ...

I couldn't resist. I was going to wait to setup the new servers tomorrow, but I had to get started... it's just so fun.

Tonight's plans:
-- dinner with blythe
-- drinking with marcus, lisa, ... ?
-- blythe's driving to the airport to get righellis with me at 12:45 Update: his flight's been cancelled now, due to weather. that sucks.

I've got so much homework done today. Feelin' productive.