February 7th, 2001


sleep time.

all is quiet. time to sleep.

aaron is out sleeping on the same little futon as this other girl that's spending the night here at Hotel 5251. what a playa'.

class. and stuff.

15 minutes late to class today.
forgot i didn't have my bike.
bought an ethernet cable after class.
always buying ethernet cable.
aaron and i went to red robins.
damn good food, as always.
now what? 3.5 hours to kill.
bellevue, perhaps.


took aaron to the airport.
drove back in traffic.
setting up the new LJ servers.
i'm a freebsd masta' now. (well, no... but better)
wearing 3 shirts. so warm.
still haven't found my keys.
scott and I ordered pizza.
not doing the wednesday night cooking thing this week.
midterm on friday ... need to study.
damn: it's running day today. (MWF)
today is two laps to at0m's house and back.
i don't feel like running.
probably just cause i'm hungry, though.
pizza... where are you?
oh, kernel build is done. fastboot!