February 8th, 2001



it's snowing. (outside, if you were confused)
megan just knocked on my door to tell me.
now i'm cold.
my room was warm until i opened my door.
i started singing frosty the snowman.
no classes tomorrow... only had one but it got cancelled.
midterm on friday.


so tired.
played with the new servers longer than I should have.

5 computers running in here now.
fans loud. eating power.
time to shut off 4 of them.



woke at 1 or so
i'm such a bum
need to go to a computer store and get some stuff
then need to go to speakeasy and install the servers...
... if they have time for me to come in.
midterm tomorrow. need to make up my one page of notes.

interesting things.

there was a bunch of snow on the ground this morning.
most of it's melted now.
"you have to wake up to see these things," dana said.
mike called the landlord about our clogged plumbing
(sink and shower downstairs)
bill's at his brother's funeral, his wife took the message
mike felt bad, saying it wasn't important.
i think bill's wife is lying... i demand a corpse!
evan and I are running to the store now.


back from speakeasy and red robin with evan.
time to clean my room, then study for physics.
stupid physics ... so boring.
just want to work on the servers and watch a movie.

(no subject)

cleaned my room.
tried to fix the shower drain with mike.
off to innertube basketball game now...
semi-finals! gotta win!
physics studying later... bleh.
stupid midterms.


damn ref bitch gave the other team two of our points when we made a shot in the first half. we tried to contest it once we noticed, but she was stubborn. and guess who many they won by? 4. yeah --- had we got all our points, we would've took it into overtime. but no, we lost, so we're done. goddamnit.

have to study physics now. blah.