February 9th, 2001



tired and cold.
midterm should be easy tomorrow.
easy crap, i think. we'll see.
want to sleep, but think i'll clean my inbox instead.


time to sleep.
tomorrow's agenda:
  • 9:45: buy some scantron forms and coffee
  • 10:30: geography lecture
  • 11:30: physics midterm
  • ???: Hannibal (Kenji --- when??)
  • Party!!!!!!!!
ah yea'.


can't sleep! shouldn't have gone to bed at 4:30 last night or whenever i finally went to bed.

usually i can sleep well on days where i run or swim, but not today. guess that's what i get for waking up at 1pm. ;-P

okay, going to try falling asleep again.

ah yea'

midterm's over.
got ssh upgraded.
programmin' some fun shit.
mutha fuckin' D-O-double G playin'
party later
  • Current Music
    Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun

ah yea'!

sooo many people are coming to this party.
it's still early and there are shitloads of people.
this is gonna rule.

Mark had a ton of pizza delivered ... Mark, you rule! Thanks!