February 10th, 2001


great party.

the party rocked. everybody that's not spending the night here is now gone. i'm glad I got to meet everybody that I did... ton of cool people. muerte is cool ... tydel is amusing. djdegree and schafer are good DJs ... i took a few turns mixin' it up but wasn't too great. i was getting better though... if i had all the equipment, that'd be something i could see myself spending a lot of time on, but there's no way I'd pay for all that. :-)

i was impressed by how many people showed up, and how many from out of town.... we had people from all over coming in by car, train, plane, bus..

anyway, time to sleep now.

Leaking ceiling!

We went and saw Hannibal ... great fucking movie. 2 thumbs up. There was a traffic accident on the way home... that was kinda annoying, especially because I had a headache developing.

However, I'm now amused because we have a continuous stream of water leaking through the ceiling in the kitchen.... the toilet overflowed upstairs so now there are all these bubbles in the paint in the kitchen full of piss water, and if you poke them with a broom, water comes out. Erik went to AskJeeves.com and asked "What do you do if your toilet overflows and piss water comes through the ceiling into your kitchen?" He didn't have any answers.

I'm going to go back up and watch the fun. I want our ceiling to cave in and then Bill would have to get us a new house or we'd have to move out.... that'd kick ass.

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blythe and I are going to go out for chinese food and return devin's PS2 that he brought to the party but didn't take home.

my headache keeps getting worse. stupid headaches... need more sleep.

forgot to mention earlier --- i got carded twice at the movie theatre to see an R-rated movie. gimme a break... that's stupid.