February 11th, 2001



kinda pissed off today. haven't accomplished shit. woke up at like 1, ate, cleaned the house forever, my filesystem on my personal linux box is going corrupted, my 60 gb maxtor is still broken (not that I thought letting it sit in my box unplugged for a few months would magically make it fix itself), i'm locked out of one of the livejournal servers... have to go in tomorrow and edit the pam.conf, people are always around, can't even do homework or have any silence. going out to dinner now with evan and raja.. and blythe and aaron, and some other people or something.

blah. this weekend went way too fast.... back to stupid school. i have all these things that are due pretty soon that i haven't done shit for. i really don't even care if i fail all my clases lately. what good is school? from kintergarden our parents have always told us that it really matters, but it really doesn't.

i threw away a bunch of shit in my room that i didn't need today... i want to throw away over 50% of the shit in my room over the next few days.... just a waste of space and pisses me off because i have nowhere to put important stuff then.

i need to buy a shitload of IBM disks and make myself a RAID array... i suck at backing up stuff, and drives are going bad lately a lot it seems. blah.

blah blah blah.