February 12th, 2001



stayed up until 3 last night cleaning my room and getting rid of useless stuff, trying to give myself more space in this little cubby of a room. got a lot done, but there are still tons of boxes and shelves i haven't touched yet.

got 6 hours of sleep.... best 6 hours of sleep i've got in quite awhile. then, my shower was nice and hot, too. this doesn't seem like a monday morning!

off to classes now, then to downtown.... going speakeasy to visit the servers shortly, then going to the EMP with aaron, i think.

not good day.

i have five things due tomorrow, only one of which i've completed:

x geography article/paper
o geography annotated bibliography
o geography discussion questions
/ physics tutorial
o music homework

and i'm tired. earlier i couldn't find energy to ride my bike, and just now i went upstairs to dana's room and my legs were sore just going up the steps.

after lab tomorrow evening, i'll get to relax for the first time in a week.


damnit, i'm trying to do homework but aaron keeps farting! damnit aaron, stop that! now the room's freezing because we had to open the door and air the room out.

i've got 4.5/10 annotated bibliography entries done, then i still have 3.5 other things to do.

stoopid homework. :-(

and livejournal is going all slow, and that's what i really want to work on.... it pains me having those two new fucking fast servers sitting there doing nothing. i need to get them setup tomorrow.

where can I buy christmas lights in seattle? i want little white ones like you'd put on a xmas tree, to put all over my ceiling for lighting..... i don't have enough different types of lighting in my room now that my halogen tower is dead.


got a bunch of xmas lights.... woo hoo. the place that jetgirl23 recommended was scary ... it had fun stuff in it, but the place reminded me of carnies and white trash. a typical high school drama hang-out probably.

off to the airport with blythe and aaron. his flight leaves at 10:20.


took aaron to the airport.
blythe drove back.
went to safeway.
lady was holding sign, "Food, Money, Smiles Needed"
i bought her a loaf of bread, meat, and tillamook cheese.
my favorite meal, as I told her.
blythe gave her an apple.
we're going to take at0m's tables back to him now
and at0m's going to make her chains
she's excited
i have soooo much homework to do tonight still
worked on livejournal a little earlier... faster now
still don't have the other servers going yet.
6:20 pm tomorrow I'll be able to relax....
... i think.
Trippy, tired, Tired

homework status.

all due tomorrow:

discussion questions. 0/5 done. did the reading, though.
annotated bibliography... 6/10 done. going damn slow.
paper on an article in the news... done.

tutorial homework .... haven't started.

easy, but haven't started.

it's going to be a late night, and i've been tired all day. :-(