February 13th, 2001



some dumbass (me) didn't do their research, so now I have to go to the library when all I really want to do is crawl into bed where it's warm and i can sleep. but no... no sleep tonight, nosirree. tonight's stupid homework night, because tomorrow is Hell Tuesday.

i guess i'll hit jack-in-the-box on the way to get my RDA of calories, fat, and grease, and possibly give myself some energy to care about all of this.


oh yeah, i wish there were more 24 hour hardware stores. i need little plastic things on nails so i can hang up my xmas lights.

stupid libraries.

i hate libraries.
i hate library websites.
i hate library organization.
i hate going to libraries.
i hate library computers.
i hate library security guards.

i'm tired and want to go home. can't find shit here. stupid libraries. i've always hated them.... never been useful.
Trippy, tired, Tired

whine, whine.

3 hours ago I posted this update.
now instead of 6/10th done with my annotated bibliography, i'm 8/10th done.
still everything else to do.
hardest stuff done now? ummm.... maybe.
i thought i got free time tomorrow, but more physics hw is due wed morning.


finished my annotated bibliography. if this is any indication of how much BS my final paper is going to be, well.... it's going to be a lot of BS. i'm too tired to be clever.

i hung up my xmas lights! it's so pretty in here now! i need two more stands, though, so achieve the level of brightness i'm shooting for. right now i have just two and it just makes one loop around the room.... i want to weave all over the ceiling.

now, time to do stupid/easy homework.


1 hour done. (5 to go.)
2 assignments to crank out.
very hot in the CS lab today. odd.
quiet, though... that's good.
feel like i'm going to fall over.

homework done.

finished all my homework.
now i just have to focus on staying awake.
to kill time i worked on a new LJ client (console based... invokes $EDITOR)
not done yet, but close. quick hack.
i kept talking about doing it, and started it once and lost it (probably at home) so i finally decided to do it.
learning vi more too.
off to geography now.
stupid discussion question.


Today sucked a lot less than I thought it would. I think the nice weather made the difference. In music I did most of my physics lab so instead of lab taking 3 hours, it only took an hour and 10 minutes. hooray! The damn teacher kept bugging me, though.
She'd come over and ask me stupid questions, making sure I understood what I was doing. I bet she thought I copied the lab from somebody else before class or something and was trying to trick me. Hah ... can't trick me. :-P

Doing physics homework now, then I want to take a nap.

Blythe's at home sick, sleeping all day.... I'm almost envious. I don't want to be sick, but all that sleep sounds awfully nice.

grumpy now

stuck on physics.
video driver locked up on windows, again... a few times per week, of course.
don't feel like doing anything.


garrett just posted this ... maybe I could move to Germany after all

still doing physics, and LJ stuff... physics is going slow. it was easy for awhile, not i'm just stuck (still)

tired. i wanted to go to bed at 8.


YOUR TOTAL (40 of 40 points)

Physics homework is done, and Tuesday Hell Day is over!

I think I'll go take a shower, triage my inbox, then sleep. I had planned to get a bunch of work done, but I need to crash.