February 14th, 2001



Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise
Screw you, proverb. :-)

I just woke up. Guess I missed my classes. Whatever. heheh. :-)


going over to blythe's for v-day to bake her a heart-shaped cake, eat mac'n'cheese (her choice), and watch temptation island...... how romantic, and under 10 dollars too!

no blue paws for me!

Blythe and I made macaroni and cheese with "Blue's Clues" blue paws in it.... so there were little blue things all over, mixed in with the normal orange noodles. When it was done she got bowls and was sure to put all the blue ones in her bowl.... I didn't even notice. As I was leaving she was like, "how'd you like your blue paws?" hehe... goddamnit. No blue things for me. :-P

Pity that Temptation Island wasn't on tonight.... we watched a bunch of lame WB shows instead. I missed Dawson's today! I only saw the last 2 minutes where Joey told Dawson that her and Pacey didn't have sex afterall ... what's up with that?