February 16th, 2001


Hell Yes!

A bunch of us went down to the quad (on campus) and joined a 200+ person snowball fight.... it was like Braveheart, with two sides constantly charging each other. "Hold the line!!!" Fuckin' crazy. It's still snowing out there, and there must be 6 or 7 inches of snow..... I haven't seen this much snow in ages, with the exception of the mountains.


took a shower
gave myself a hair cut

working on LJ now, then sleep sometime later.

debating going to class tomorrow. i skipped the past two days... might as well make it a 5 day weekend. i'll probably be up in time... i'll go to physics at least probably. i shouldn't skip that. geography's a joke, though.


went downtown with blythe to look at why stan's dying so much... nothing was obviously wrong inside the case, and it rebooted fine, but it's dead again now.... we keep rebooting it, and it keeps dying. :-(

then, went to bellevue and redmond to hit some computer stores. at first place (harddrives northwest) I got my processor, cd-rom, and floppy, but they didn't have the harddrive I wanted in stock (pffft..... and they call themselves harddrives northwest?). at the second place we got there just as they were closing, so I didn't get anything.... they have the motherboard I want, though.

think I'm going to write some java code now for S2.... been awhile since I wrote in java... should be fun... always is. such a beautiful language. :-)


Programming in Java always makes me happy.... haven't even written much S2 code yet, but I've installed jdk1.2 on linux and freebsd, learned how to write jmk make files (lispish + makefileish = ugly = fun), and got the initial framework of the compiler started.

Blythe's over now.... we're going to go get dessert. She's craving chocolate mousse.

When I get back I'm ready to dive in and program for hours.... I've been thinking about how I'm going to write everything for the past few hours and it's just teasing me, waiting to get written.