February 17th, 2001


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hah, scott was doubting my java skillz:
Whore mom = scott.getMom();

dessert was good, but blythe got the good chocolate mousse and mine was all runny and warm. that kinda sucks. snow is fun to drive on. heh.



Blythe thinks I'm too much of a wuss to post when I woke up this morning, so here goes....

Yeah, woke up bright and early at 7:30 this morning.... made myself some coffee and toast, read the paper, then got a bunch of work done. For lunch I ordered some pizza. I've been working the past two hours on various projects.

Didn't get around to taking a shower until 1:45, after Brittney's 30 minute+ shower. She left all her creams, scrubby things, soaps, shampoos, etc. in there. This isn't even her shower and she leaves all her crap in there! I was tempted to piss on it all. Maybe I should send out a house email warning that items left in the downstairs shower after you're done get peed on.

Anyway, back to work.

Kenji wants me to take him to Costco soon.

I'm going to be going to bed early tonight, since I've been working hard all day today.

Note to readers: One or more of the following paragraphs are false. Can you find which ones? :-)

yay for python

scott and i are appreciating this:
Python 1.5.2 
>>> a = 3;
>>> if (1 < a < 5):
...     print "hi!\n";
we're debating how it's implemented.