February 22nd, 2001


backrub, inbox, sleep.

Blythe gave me a backrub in exchange for lunch tomorrow. I did the math quickly before agreeing... it costs around $30 for a half hour at a real massage place. She gave me over 10 minutes of good backrubbin', so I guess she earned her $5 lunch tomorrow. :-)

After that, I worked on cleaning my inbox for awhile, doing work as necessary to delete stuff.

Bed now.

mod_backhand fixed!

Hooray! Theo (the mod_backhand maintainer) fixed the bug that was breaking our logins:
Confirmed and fixed in CVS. It is exactly what you suspected. I misused of the Apache table API. I assumed that the headers would be premerged (coming from the other Apache sever). This isn't always true, as you have seen.

On or around line 657 in mod_backhand.c, change AP_OVERLAP_TABLES_SET to AP_OVERLAP_TABLES_MERGE.

This will fix your problem. It will be rolled into the next release.

Thanks for the bug report!

Theo Schlossnagle
Yay! Time to CVS update!


Made mac'n'cheese.

Made a copy of our music professor's $17 CD in a fancy case that's required material for homework..... 10 tracks of him blowing notes and scales on his french horn. I hate that guy. Blythe borrowed the CD from a friend, so I'm making mp3s for us.

Watched Survivor ... good stuff.

I now have all the parts for computer upgrade... new cd-rom, floppy, motherboard, processor, memory, two new 60 GB drives (RAID-1 array), some cables, and two mounting brackets to put harddrives in my 5.25" drive bays.

But.... this leaves me with an extra motherboard, processor and memory. I really want to play with QNX or Be or something.... it'd be cool to have a computer to just mess around on and not use for anything serious. Hell, I could play with the Hurd.

I'm thinking I should save these parts and buy a new case, floppy, sound/video/network card, and use my extra monitor and have a mess around system.

I'm downloading the latest Debian ISO right now. Work on my paper tonight, or build my new computer? Hmmm.

I need to go to the store first and get some things.... most importantly, ice for Dr. Pepper.