February 25th, 2001On this day in different years


so much to do.

this sucks.

I've got 3 pages done of my "7 page paper", but the boring half+ remains.

I love how they give us a page length for it... in high school we were always told that it doesn't matter how long it is, just so long as it completely conveys your message. Oh, but not in freshman college classes.... we aren't allowed to think on our own. Every step of what we're supposed to talk about is listed on one of our colored handouts. "Refer to the yellow handout"... "Refer to the pink handout." And if were get confused, the handouts are also on the website, with the appropriate <body bgcolor=..> set.

i'm upset that I have to work on this instead of doing fun stuff like going to canada or going to the magic peace farm. *sigh*

i think it's time to start a count-down until finals are over:
hmmmm.... seems like a long time.