February 28th, 2001


Like the time I beheaded a man who was beating his naked wife

Fie on goodness! Fie!
Fie on goodness! Fie!
Eight years of kindness to your neighbour,
Making sure that the meek are treated well,
Eight years of philanthropic labor,
Derry-down-dell, gad, but it's hell!
Oh, fie on goodness! Fie!
Fie! Fie! Fie!
It's been depressing all the way
(Derry-down, derry-down)
And getting glummer ev'ry day.
(Derry down, derry down)
Ah, but to burn a little town or slay a dozen men,
Anything to laugh again!
Oh, fie on goodness! Fie!
Fie! Fie! Fie! Fie! Fie!
Lolly-lo.... Lolly-lo.....

ah, the memories. nick... you still have your homework version? that's what was actually in my head.


Watching the news showing mardi gras downtown... fights are breaking out and stuff. Hope Blythe and Chuck and all them aren't getting in the middle of any of them.
Trippy, tired, Tired


I didn't finish all my physics homework, and I don't understand it all too wonderfully. It didn't help that the units were wrong on half the problems we were given. Pisses me off. I probably spent more time second-guessing myself and being confused than doing work. Blah... that's no excuse, though. If I really knew this shit I could see through their mistakes. :-(

Going to bed now. I'd hoped to have free time tonight, and still get to bed before 1, but no. Blah.

Skipping geography tomorrow. I want 8 hours of sleep.

earthquake details

6.2 magnitute.... (now they say 7.0). epicenter just south of center

earthquake damage: our house is fucking trashed! (oh wait... it's always been like that)

heh, after I typed that last entry I ran outside in my boxers and watched it happen.... cars were moving all over the place, alarms were going off, power lines were bouncing, fun stuff!

heh--- I wonder if Suzallo library crumpled or not. :-)

I want aftershocks!


amusing.... 279 earthquake posts today:

mysql> select count(*) from log l, logtext lt where l.itemid=lt.itemid and year=2001 and month=2 and day=28 and logtime > '2001-02-28 10:30:00' and lt.event like '%earthquake%';
| count(*) |
| 279 |
1 row in set (2.52 sec)


i'm grumpy. computers frustrate me. stupid servers.

school frustrates me. midterm on friday for physics, then finals right after that. grr.

freevote.com hassles frustrate me... efront bought the site back in november, but has never paid me, and now freevote's out of money and i want to shut it down, but they want to keep it up, but they're never going to pay me.

going down to speakeasy now to install the new memory in lj-stan.


just logged into freevote.com for the first time in ages, to see how the server was doing.... it's incredible: i got that site to the point where it totally runs itself. sometimes i don't touch it for months at a time.

anyway, i was amused because there are 56,487 new message in fv's mailbox. :-)