March 4th, 2001


fun stuff.

events of the afternoon & evening...
  • went roller skating with blythe and naomi. fell on my ass only two times. naomi taught me how to turn, instead of just hitting walls and starting again in a new direction. i still suck, though, and my feet and entire body hurt every 15 laps or so, then i take a break for a lap or two and start again. damn i'm pathetic.
  • took naomi back home, planning on picking her up later to go to chuck's, but she decided to stay at home and miss the fun. and what fun she missed....
  • went to chuck's, played pool, watched a movie, listened to music
  • went hot tubbin' with kenji, amy, chuck, and blythe.... kenji and I jumped into the lake twice. it was fucking freezing.
  • then, lindsay came over, and we went to QFC
  • i learned to drive a stick on the way to the store. only stalled it like... a bunch. but i still did pretty well
  • came back, and andrew, brittney and two of her friends came over.
  • had a little BBQ and managed to set off the house's fire/security alarm... took forever to figure out how to turn it off (thanks, lindsay!) and meanwhile, the security place called the house asking if things were okay. messed up. the house was filled with smoke, but how it all got in is beyond us.... the most smoke was downstairs way far away from the patio (chuck's dad's house is fucking huge, btw.... you can get lost in it)
  • we played some more pool and decided to go hot tubbin' again, but the new batch of people didn't have suits, so the 10 of us all went naked, to make the 4 without suits feel more comfortable. then, we jumped in the lake more. blythe, chuck, amy, and lindsay never went in though..... pussies.
general silliness and fun times all around.

so tired now. sleep.



pretty boring day.

most exciting thing was writing gnomie --- if you have a linux and windows computer sitting side by side and prefer to use IE to browse the web, you now have a tool.

working on some livejournal stuff now, and kinda cleaning my room and doing laundry and talking to people online.

i don't want to go back to school tomorrow.