March 6th, 2001


day in review

Went through waves of lethargy/depression/grumpiness today so I avoided posting to keep my journal from sounding too pathetic.

But now I'm in a good mood again.... Scott wrote a native windows server for gnomie so the perl dependency is removed and there's no stupid perl window in the taskbar anymore. I'll put the source and binary up on the web tomorrow for you whitaker. :-)

I haven't started any of my homework yet.... I just haven't cared. I might try and do some now.

Blythe and I made mac'n'cheese for dinner. It wasn't too good.

I released the LiveJournal source out ot a select group of people to do a code review & security audit before it's official released on the 17th.... can't wait to start getting flames, suggestions, questions, and patches.

Also, spent a lot of time today speeding up LiveJournal. Today was pretty good, but I expect it'll hold up even better tomorrow. We shall see.

stingin' eyes

So, my right eye was itching because of allergies, but now my left eye is stinging uncontrollably because I'm retarded and forgot I had soap in my hair and it ran into my eye..... I haven't got soap in my eye since I was like..... 2? Seriously. I need some of that No Tears shampoo. This is painful.

gnomie uses

I just realized that gnomie has another use I didn't think of..... I can make it my URL-Viewer in pine on and have links I select in my text-based HTML mail viewer open in IE also. Since it works just over TCP/IP, it doesn't matter where the hosts are... I just need to modify the client now to read a config file and take a password and do some challenge/response with the server.

I need to do some homework.... I didn't do any last night.


Hahah.... this is the best summary of HDTV I've seen in awhile: (from a poster on slashdot)
For those interested in a brief history of HDTV, here it is:

Here's how it went:

Broadcast Industry asks for bandwidth for HDTV
FCC says "OK, we'll set aside bandwidth for HDTV"
FCC says "What standards?"
Industry says 'No Standards Please' and come up with EIGHTEEN recommended formats for HDTV. I am not shitting you.
FCC says "Isn't 18 different standards a bit much?"
Industry says "Shut the fuck up FCC, we know what we are doing. The 'market' will handle this!"
Consumer Electronics dudes whine "18 formats make every thing cost more, you are fucking us!"
FCC says "OK, it's your call on standards, 18 formats is fine, infact there are NO STANDARDS AT ALL, 'cause we are letting the 'market decide', but you start broadcasting HDTV now or we take back the FREE bandwidth."
Industry says "What? We really just want the free bandwidth. You really want us to do HDTV??
Congress says "Fuck you Industry. Broadcast HDTV or we'll legislate your asses back to Sun-day!"
Industry says "We're fucked. 18 formats? Why the hell did we do that? Let's change it."
Consumer Electronics dudes say "You ain't changing shit. We are already building the boxes you said you wanted built."
FCC says "Yah, ya boneheads we told you 18 was too many, now you gotta live with it."
Industry says "Well FCC, will you at least make the cable companies carry the HDTV at no charge?"
Cable companies say "Fuck you! You gotta pay! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!"
FCC says "Yep, no federal mandated on HDTV must carry, we are letting 'the market' handle that"
Industry says "We are so fucked. We are spending 5-10 million per TV station in hardware alone and have 1000 HDTV viewers per city, even in LA!"
Consumer at home says "Where is my HDTV? Why does it cost so much? Fuck it, I'm sticking with cable/DirecTV."

Consumer electronics dudes, broadcast industry, FCC, and congress all cry. Cable companies laugh and make even bigger profits.
In other news, weather is awesome today, but my eyes are kinda itchy. No lab today, so I just gotta clean my room and do errands.

errand machine

I'm an errand machine!

Oh, the many things I did today... bank, shipped lj-stan back to (goddamnit), got new phone card and more iced tea, went through a $2 carwash (supposed to be $4 but the dude thought I bought gas.... heh.)

Now I'm starting physics homework for 20 minutes until I go to a musical on campus... Joe versus the volcano. Should be interesting.... I like musicals. I think. Generally. I heard it was funny, so that's good.

Starting to get good comments about the LJ source I released to about a dozen people last night. I can't wait until a shitload of people are all hackin' on it... should get interesting.

Okay, back to physucks.