March 11th, 2001


Evening in review

Amy made me tacos.... thanks!

Cleaned my room more (goddamn it's clean... Blythe's going to be impressed). I even folded my laundry. Usually I just throw it on the floor or in a corner.

I cleaned out my fridge and found a half gallon paper carton of milk that had swelled and looked more elliptical than rectangular. I thought it was frozen at first and would be hard. But no, I could squeeze it and it was soft. It was full of air. Gas, perhaps? I got Scott and Kenji and I tossed it up high in the back "yard" and we watched it explode with a loud pop, and then it spewed rancid smelling cottage cheese all over. I hope the smell goes away soon... it's right outside my bedroom door (I have two doors... one inside, and one to the back).

Dell's website sucks. And I can't get ahold of sales people. Damn them. Need parts for cartman.

I should sleep. Full day of boring studying tomorrow. :-(

food, toy, study.

Made mac'n'cheese and did some other people's dishes (threw them outside). You know more girlfriends of this house cook than the people that live here? Both Kailani and Amy were in the kitchen making fancy breakfasts while Eli and Kenji (respective boyfriends) were up in their rooms being useless waiting for food. :-) The girls were amused I have a chain and lock around my cabinet. You have to in this house. Witness.

Toy--- I want.

Damn... I need to study today. Blah.

mozilla fun

my computer is lonely while i'm studying so i'm letting it build the lizard. that should keep it busy for hours. i want to play with MathML and SVG, which aren't in nightly builds.

my ~/.mozconfig, for those interested:

ac_add_options --enable-mathml
ac_add_options --enable-svg
ac_add_options --enable-new-cache
ac_add_options --enable-libpr0n
ac_add_options --enable-optimize=-O2
ac_add_options --disable-debug
ac_add_options --enable-strip-libs

this should also test my reiser partition... it was reported on the LKML that mozilla wouldn't build because of reiserfs corruption (but would on the same system on an ext2 partition), but that's supposed to be fixed now. we'll see. ;-)


there's a segfault in elf-gc-dynstr, a tool mozilla builds and then uses later, but it appears to be a size optimization only, so i just changed it to 'return 0;' right away in its main, and now mozilla's back to building again. i tried to fix the bug instead of work around it, but i couldn't get...

funny how writing about things brings out new ideas. back to look at it again...

Great... turns out the problem is this. Bleh. That bug was reportedly fixed in 2.4.3-pre1, bug I guess not. Stupid reiser.

Back to studying.

(no subject)

mailed the guy who had the same mozilla + reiser problem that I did, but apparently the fix that went into 2.4.3-pre1 that was supposed to fix it didn't, and chris mason (suse guy) is still working on finding the bug. :-/ so this means a ton of my data is on a buggy filesystem. great. at least i have backups. i'm going to do a dry rsync later with my old data to see if anything local is corrupted.

but for now... time to go get some food. thinking dick's, then back to studying. i just took a shower so I can go out in public looking half-way respectable.


highlights of the evening:

-- val made us brownies
-- watched simpsons with erik and eli
-- made hot chocolate
-- copied an insane number of mp3s from eli. soooo much stuff now, and replaced a bunch of my damaged mp3s. i've also started organizing my mp3s more and ripping more of my cds. My structure is:

By Artist/Artist Name/Album/01 - Track.mp3

And then, I have symlinks like:

By Genre/Rock/Artist Name/ --> ../../By Artist/Artist Name

This makes it easy to search by any means I want, and to auto-generate playlists for certain genres and such.

To clean duplicates I have scripts to munge about filenames and directories to determine if these two match:

By Artist/Artist Name/Track/05 - Song Name
Incoming/Artist Name - Song Name

Then, I also keep an MD5 index of each file, so I can see if I have two completely duplicate files that the above check didn't find.

I like problems like this.

Oh, back to studying. Heh.

8:30 ??

wow, just looked up when my final is tomorrow ... 8:30.
what sort of crap are they pulling here? that's early.
so, i guess i'm going to sleep now instead of studying.
i tell myself sleep is more important, but really i just don't want to study. :-)