March 13th, 2001


la lal al la la

bored bored bored

I studied music.... here's what I know now:

G D A E B F# C#
Cb Gb Db Ab Eb Bb F


Yup, that's all I need to know.

I could study physics, but I just don't feel like it right now.

It's so nice out. Hard to study.

28 hours and I'll be done!

Car appointment

I've been trying to call Honda all day to make a 15,000 tune-up appointment for my car... I got disconnected twice while talking to them. I blamed it on my phone but calling back the 3rd time, turns out it's their phone system... they've been working on it all day I guess. Bleh.

Anyway, finally got my car appointment for Friday (note to self: drop off 11... pickup 5:30) so I'm happy... my car will be in good shape for my trip to Oregon and the beach next week. Bad part though is that it costs $220 ... ugh. Seems like a lot of money. I'd better notice a difference. Maybe they'll stop all the rattles. Heh, and they should detail it too....yeah.

Think I'm going to go down to campus now since I can't study here. Computer's distracting and taunting me. It's saying, "here I am, but you have a final today so you can't do anything but sit here and put off studying." Well screw you computer, I'm taking off.... Subway's calling my name. Mmmmm.

Then I'll study for physics more. And when Blythe gets back from work, we'll study music a little. I'll tell her my fun mnemonics for all the music crap.

la la la la la, part 2

killing time, killing time. blah blah blah. interesting things o' the day:
  • it's fawkin' windy out. like... very windy. trees branches are flyin' all over and it's hard to walk or ride a bike. very cool.
  • saw sarah on campus.... the wind was tipping her over. heh.
  • naomi wanted to register but i already have it!!! hahahahah.... you suck!
that is all. blythe and i are going to study or something and then go take our music final. i'm studying physics with jj after class.

i had to come back home because I forgot to print out my notes for physics and jason's cell number. btw, physics is gonna kick my ass i've realized, the more I study. but what's new? countdown: 25.5 hours!!!!



Back from studying. Learned a lot... that was some intensive studying, compared to my normal studying (skimmed the book and nodding). We actually worked problems and talked about why solutions worked and stuff. Amazing. We're going to study tomorrow morning at 10:30 too until the final at 2:30.

Blythe's on her way home, then we're going to cook something.

I'm tired... I imagine I'll crash shoftly after dinner.