March 15th, 2001


i call her tuggawa

blythe = tuggawa = TMW = taco makin' woman = best damn taco chef this side of the border. mmm mmm.

yeah, marcuso, blythe and I went to safeway and got taco materials.

i was gonna try and help cook but marcus and i were trying to get his damn mylex raid card working in linux. i have much to learn about the linux boot process. but that's tomorrow. now i sleep!

p.s. tuggawa makes no sense, I now realize. how the hell did I get that from TMW? but i don't try to justify thoughts when i'm in retarded drooling caveman mode.

Morning fun

Woke up at 8 or so (after going to bed at 2:30) but wasn't too tired. I made taco leftovers for breakfast (mmmm) and started working on marcus' server ..... My linux and debian skills are now twice whatever they were before. Lot of work, but a lot of fun learning involved.

While his new kernel was compiling I installed bind on a server for muerte. I also did a few minor LJ things.

Oh! And the new fast harddrives for LJ's database server arrived today. Once the memory shows up (enroute from Portland from my mom... shipped it there to save $50 on taxes), then it's time to upgrade cartman. fun. we're going to build a new kernel and glibc on it too while we're add it.... need LFS support.

Now I'm going downtown to buy a ton of Mariner tickets for my mom. Nice and rainy out.

I love not going to school and not having homework!


Fun stuff....
  • Tickets -- bought a ton of baseball tickets for my family. on the way back I had some cool things....
  • Traffic Light --- on the way back I saw a bus (they're electric) not make the transfer between cables correctly and the bus's power connector bar got caught on some cables and pulled everything out of whack and all the traffic light bars were bouncing up and down and all the power went out, and it looked like the cables were going to fall, but no ---- everything bounced for a long time and in only a second or two all the traffic lights started blinking red. I was absolutely impressed.... that's a wonderful system. I'm impressed that things like that were designed so well when I see so many people pitching solutions to traffic involving computers and think, "oh, a computer runs it... it'll work", with little regard to safety: computer-driven cars, GPS-based gouvernors, etc...
  • City! --- I want to start my own city. That'd be cool. It'd be all rustic and 1800's-ish in parts but also very high tech, with accessible tubing to everybody's house to make new wiring easy..... everybody would have gigabit ethernet as a standard city service, and we'd have a saloon, and main street, and grocery store.... yeah, that'd rock. Anybody want to join my city? It needs to be close to another city so we can get power and water and stuff from theirs. More on this later, perhaps.
  • Fun game! -- I want to get a bunch of Visors, GPS cards, and long-range wireless network cards and get them water-proofed and mounted on bikes and make a game like 'cops & robbers' only on bikes, where people are trying to hunt other people down over a huge multi-mile radius, on bikes..... that'd be fun.
Enough rambling. Back to other stuff.

Oh yeah --- I did some work for muerte this morning for one of his clients, and they sent me a $50 gift certificate at Amazon... how kick ass is that? I need to do more contract work. Money!


damn I suck

I ordered a DVD I already own. I went to Amazon to stop the order but:
We're sorry. It is too late to cancel this item, as it has already entered the shipping process. If you want to return the item after it arrives, read our Returns Policy to learn how.
Grrr. Anybody want to buy Men in Black? It was my only movie I had on VHS, but apparently I'd already 'upgraded' it to DVD (It's still in shrink wrap on my shelf) ... so I also have the VHS if anybody wants that for free.

Tonight --- many plans:
  • Now: go find Fred Meyer and get a scrabble board.
  • 7:00 dinner with blythe
  • 8:30 or 9:00: finish setting up marcus's server... at least it's out of my room now... working on it remotely. moving over freevote.
  • 10:30: scrabble party with chuck, evan, blythe, phunkygrrl, and one or two of phunkygrrl's friends.

Rant: why is it louder around here now that school's out but most of the people are gone? go home to your parents, people! leave me alone in this dirty ass house.... I want silence. some jackass is repeatedly ringing the doorbell right now. i think most of them are leaving soon... that'll be nice.