March 19th, 2001


good shit

still workin' on the freevote server move.
debian rules. redhat sucks.
i'd told marcus that earlier, but now he's convinced too.
working on the debian system's a joy.
working with redhat is like ... the worst of all pains.
I used to hate those debian elitist bastards that shoved debian in my face at any possible moment, but it's so justified... go try debian out on a spare computer. you'll fall in love, too.
marcus went and got jack in the box.
that, and pizza earlier .... damn good eatin' today
going to oregon tomorrow with kenji, amy and blythe.
gonna visit my parents than go to the beach for a few days
i have several packages (including the lj-stan server) on their way.... hope they show up before I leave
ripping my whole (old) CD collection ... because I hadn't ever ripped all of them, and some of my old rips/encodings weren't great.... back in the early days of audio extraction on shitty IDE cd-roms, before they supported it natively.
that is all.
back to workin'.


Oh god.... I'm going to cry:
gorgonous: How many hours did it take to raise $10,000? It was only like 2 1/2 days. That's faster than fund raisers to help the starvin' Marvins in Africa on tv.

People will let kids in Africa starve, but they sure as heck don't want their journals taking more than 3 seconds to load! Heh. :P


Damn butter

So, get this ---- I'm re-ripping and encoding all my CDs into mp3s, right? because grip rules. Anyway, I start ripping this Beck CD and it speeds through tracks 1-9 and just stops at track 10. I skip 10. It goes at 0.2x through track 11, then stops. I suddenly remember having this same problem in 1994 when I originally got the CD. I take out the CD .... there's butter on it. How can butter stay on a CD for 7 years? I'm having a hard time believing it was butter, but it sure as hell looked like butter. I wiped it all off and it finished ripping. But to think --- I've gone 7 years without Mellow Gold in my mp3 archive because of a splotch of butter or butter-like substance. Bizarre.


I'd better go to bed.
Have to drive to Portland this afternoon... should sleep before that.
Maybe I'll make Kenji or Blythe drive. (Sorry, Amy .... Blythe I trust because she's driven my car before, and Kenji I wouldn't feel bad beating the crap out of if he crashed it, plus I've driven his van.... if you crashed my car I'd feel guilty killing you, and I'd live with inner torment forever.)
Chris Mason (of SuSE) found the mozilla ReiserFS -notails bug which breaks mozilla compilation (by way of corruption files on your disk, hooray!) but he's found the root of it, after working with me and another guy with the same problem. He's been sending me patches to try out... what a cool guy. yay for open source. nothing like getting a bug fix and updates right after you report it. And a few weeks ago when I was trying to get UDMA-100 working on linux, the linux-IDE guy responded to a question I had within minutes... turns out he works for ASL (the company responsible for dead lj-stan) .... not sure if I like ASL or not, now. I think it's just bad luck.... I think they are probably a good company, but goddamnit... if I don't get stan back today i'm not buying more servers from them.

gettin' ready

going to portland soon-ish. 2? 2:30? need to shower, pack, and get a bunch of things in order online.

dormando's going to take care of LJ while I'm at the beach. at least, I hope he does. ;-) i can't get ahold of him right now, and I forgot to tell him earlier.

btw, I'm now pissed at grip --- it can't find the edges of tracks when ripping. these boundaries it's ripping at are all over the place. grrrr.

UPS better show up soon ... I want my movies and LJ server.

and we're off....

all packed up. taking off.

did a few things on LJ so I don't have to baby it while I'm gone. (things I should have cron jobs for anyway, but haven't gotten around to yet)