March 20th, 2001


Beach. Want laptop.

Arrived in Portland at 6. Ate. Played pool (lost), scrabble (won). Tired. Going to the beach tomorrow for a few days. Feel free to email me, but I won't reply for a few days.

Just realized that Blythe and I are the only ones that process payments for paid accounts, and we're both going to be at the beach (along with Kenji and Amy). Nobody will get their paid accounts activated for a few days. Hrm. That sucks. :/

I need a laptop. I've been thinking about that a lot in the past week.

Anybody have good recommendations on laptops? I like IBM Thinkpads and Sony Vaios (sp?). I really like ones with two bays where you can put in any combination of extra battery, cd-rom, or floppy. That's cool. I really need a DVD drive. Need good Linux support. is that a problem? What wouldn't work with it? Screw winmodems... I'd get a PCMCIA modem that didn't suck. I also need a modem that'll plug into my cellphone. I have a PCMCIA network card already (I'd have to steal it back from Blythe, though) ... I bought it years ago for my Windows CE handheld. I'd want a 100 Mbit one, though.

I don't need speed... P3-500 is fine.. 600-733 Mhz would be better... speed to do software decoding of DVDs, even in Win2k (which imposes some overhead when doing dvd decoding, for some reason....). I would dual-boot, I think. I hate dual-booting, but I'm not going to buy and carry around two laptops. :) I'd primarily use Linux, but keep Windows on there should I ever need it. I should be able to watch DVDs in Linux by now, right? I hear it's possible... kinda.

So, any recommendations? Anybody have a used one for sale? I don't even care if it fits my above ideal description... if I could get one cheap, that'd be better. I realize lately I don't really have any money, having not worked forever.... using it all up. I should get a job and/or start paying myself from LJ work. I think I could make more money doing little contract work for people, and that way I'd diversify myself a little. All LJ all the time, while fun, may not be good for me.

Time for bed. I wanted to sleep at 7 but they said I had to stay awake to get on a normal sleeping schedule. Then I wanted to go to bed earlier but Blythe chose the room I wanted to sleep in, forcing me to sleep in the game room, where everybody was being loud playing video games. I think they're all asleep now, so I'll go back down there and go to bed.

I probably won't post or be available until Thursday afternoon. (what a long vacation... heh)