March 23rd, 2001


where to start?

haven't posted in so long that I'm not sure where to start and what to say. this has been my longest leave from LJ posting I think.

the beach was mostly enjoyable, but I had a headache most the time, and tons of things were annoying me. but whatever. I worked on notes for a new project I'm going to be working on.... a network game framework written in java, both for the server and client. the framework will provide creating/joining games and chatting, and the plugins will provide game rules (turn validation), drawing the board, setting up the initial game state, etc. This won't be for things like starcraft and other real-time games, but for scrabble, upwords, connect-4, card games, yahtzee, etc... After the framework is done I'll focus on plugins. I want to make scrabble primarily. We played a ton at the beach and at my parent's house.

I'm kinda depressed that school is starting again so soon and I really haven't gotten much done at all. Where did all the time go? Working on the freevote move and setting up marcus' servers took way too long, and we're not even done. Grrrr. I don't even have enough classes right now... only 10 credits. I'm trying to overload into a CS class that's full (the last one I need!) but I haven't heard back on whether I'm in or not. Frustrating.

I'm going to get some food now and mail a letter. I'll be posting a lot more in news, lj_biz, and lj_dev shortly, so please don't bring that up here.

chef brad

I went to World Wrapps to get a Mexican Grill Chicken wrap (mmmm) but there was a line, and I'm impatient as hell, so I said 'screw it' and went to QFC and shopped for food. Got a ton of stuff... pancake mix, frozen french fries, frozen pizzas, chicken pot pies, eggs, butter, ketchup, and a bunch of stuff I forgot. Anyway, came back and made pancakes... damn good. Might go make some french fries now.

I've decided on the laptop I'm going to get, as soon as I find the money.... Dell Inspiron 8000 (link may not work) with a 700 Mhz processor, 15" Ultra XGA display, free second 59 whr batter, 256 MB memory, 20 GB drive, 8X DVD, real modem, and 10/100 network card. Totaly cost varies between $2,900 and $3,100 depending on options. I haven't decided on what service plan to get--- is the one you get by default good enough? And is a 20 GB drive large enough? My /usr partition is 4.3 gb, my home directory is 1.5 gb, my mp3s are 16 gb. I don't need all those mp3s, but I do need to put Windows on there too. I'm only using 7 gb on my windows machine with everything I could ever use installed. So 10 gb for windows, and 10 gb for linux, and yeah.... I should go with the 32 GB drive... definitely.

Okay, done dreaming. Back to cleaning my room and getting stan up and running.


Heh .... I have five computers running all around me. Going clockwise... LJ test server (installing progeny debian on it now, then going to try and follow ender's LJ source install directions), blythe's laptop she left here, personal win2k box, personal debian box, lj-stan (installing freebsd on it now... make world).

I cooked dinner for Blythe .... pizza, french fries, and iced tea. Mmm mmm. I had chili for lunch. It's nice to not be hungry all the time. I should do the whole grocery thing more often.