March 24th, 2001



Stupid headache. (had it for like 5 days now)
Working on 4 projects at once right now.
Out of iced tea.
I want a head/back rub. Blythe! :-P

day in review

i gotta post this before midnight otherwise it messed up my calendar view... i mean, who wants to read a day in review on the next day at 12:30 am?

anyway, quick afternoon in review:
--- went to snoqualmie falls, forgot my camera
--- ate dinner with blythe
--- worked on moving, but got locked out of the server. need to wait for marcuso to get back from whistler. but... if I don't cancel it by tomorrow we get charged another $1,000 or so for hosting. so screw that.... i'll shut the site down for a day or so and just move the data over.
--- finished adding classes to my schedule, since school starts on monday (so soon!). i'm going to have 12 or 15 credits... hopefully 15, because I want to be done with school and graduate sometime. the extra 3 is dependent on whether or not they let me overload into the AI class, the last CS class I need to take.
--- blythe ordered "gods must be crazy" from kozmo.. they were an hour or so late delivering. about to watch it now.

feeling tired, depressed and angry. i was trying to analyze my problems earlier and reduced it down to, "Not enough time, not enough space, and not enough money." But isn't that everybody's root problem? *sigh*

Okay, movie time.