March 26th, 2001


fun with classes

I planned my schedule pretty well this quarter in terms of packing them together time-wise... however, I totally botched it on making them nearby each other:

Class 1, then 10 minutes to get to:
Class 2, then 10 minutes to get to:
Class 3, then 2 minutes to get to:
Lunch ... heheheh.

Anybody clever not from UW know where I'll be eating a ton this quarter? :-)

good day

All my classes seemed really cool, and I did get into my AI class.... hooray!

My last class in the Fisheries building was really interesting.... new building. Very cool design. It's right next to Blythe's old apartment... brought back memories. She called me right when I was getting out, too.

I went to Evan's after class and he showed me his new win32 LJ client. Pretty neat.

Took the bus home instead of riding uphill back for a number of reasons 1) feeling lazy, 2) wanted to look at crazy people, and 3) I think my bike tire's flat. I supposed I don't need to justify taking the bus home for such a short distance, but it felt pretty pathetic. I just hate that ride home.... so boring and so many people to dodge. Being in a bus was a lot more relaxing ... got to think about a lot of things.

I'm hungry now so I'm going to go make scrambled eggs and toast.

Some of my housemates are rather loud. Another great reason to get my dream laptop as soon as possible .... I'll be able to get out of the house and go to some remote park, library, or whatever to work in peace, and without an internet connection to distract me. Seriously, without email and LJ, I'll be able to get a lot of LJ work done. Put a test LJ server on the laptop and I think I'd be set.... perfect work environment.

Yeah, food time.

(no subject)

Rain! Hail! I love "bad" weather..... so relaxing looking and sounding.

Got all moved over to marcus' servers. Calling virtualis now to cancel service.

dumb girls ... I out!

The dumb annoying loud girls are back .... so I'm outta here!

I was actually leaving anyway. Blythe and I are going downtown to the Speakeasy cafe to play Scrabble with Lisa and some people.

Bringing lj-stan back and putting it into operation tonight or tomorrow.

Update: Dumb girl's dumb guy friends are equally if not more dumb. Okay, now I'm really leaving. Going crazy. Laptop... Laptop... Laptop.