March 27th, 2001



back from speakeasy .... install stan and then went to the speakeasy cafe and played scrabble with blythe, lisa, and chris. fun stuff.

took blythe home ... she wanted to be in bed by 11 since she has an 8:30 class tomorrow. whoops. little late.

i'm about ready to go to bed myself .... i'm pretty exhausted. if brittany and megan's friends come back late and are loud, I'm going to bust some caps. I see all their suitcases and shit outside my room (which some obviously consider the guest bedroom) so I assume they'll be back later. goddamn.... on a school night? on a monday, no less? they should sleep up in her room.

kenji --- we need to start looking into houses, yo. could we get one already and just start subletting immediately? that'd rule.


grumpy because brittany's stupid friends woke me up this morning talking and shit, LiveJournal's being broken, and Erik just hopped in the shower before me.

off to class!

I'm actually looking forward to going to class today.... quite odd. maybe to get out of the house and away from things? I dunno. Anyway, I'm off....

la la la

classes were cool.
lot of rain.... got wet.
saw a ton of people on campus.
music 117 is going to be a lot cooler than 116 .... way smaller class, cool professor, and more interesting material.
setting up lj-stan now.
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    Bloodhound Gang - The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope

oh, great.

The not-smart girl and not-smart friends of hers are back, giggling away, being loud, and being just generally retarded.

Where's my noise-cancelling gun?

200 pages!

Ahhhh! I have to read 200 pages of Homer's The Illiad tonight. This class better not suck if I have to read this much. Okay, no more internet for awhile.