March 31st, 2001


la la

went to chuck's last night and watched two movies... very bad things and top gun. that's a lot of movies to watch back to back, but it was cool.

for dinner Blythe and I wanted chinese food, but safeway's deli thing had shut down, so we got McDonald's instead... it's been like... a long damn time since I had mickey d's... crispy chicken sandwich good. fries weren't so good. dick's is better. so is jack in the box.

after chuck's I worked on NBGS awhile... got the UI for most the dialogs looking and resizing nice. gtk's box model totally owns swing's, though. i didn't want to use swing, but it does have some nice things, so I guess jdk 1.1 won't be the platform i target anymore. oh well. maybe i'll write my own layout manager and a few widgets later and port it down to jdk 1.1. for now, though, i just want to see it work. i'll probably post an early copy later, and see if I can't get the server running on

NBGS update.

got the NBGS (Networked Bored Game Server) server running on now (port 7504 if you want to connect and watch).

all it can do so far is chat (i have 3 clients connected to it from my home machine) but I have all the infrastructure done to make the rest pretty straight-forward.

have I said how much I love Java lately? Swing is very well designed, from what I've seen of it so far. yay for model/view/controller. I'm using a JTextPane swing widget for my ChatWindow so the chatting is all purty and colored/styled. very nice.

once I get a simple game working (tic-tac-toe) then I'll release everything and any java programmers out there can start writing new Game subclasses.

oh, one cool feature which I started to work on: you can join a game as either a player or an observer. the observers can talk and watch everything, but don't get scored or get to take any turns. i figure one things are ready, then scott and I can both write scrabble bots, and we can then join the game and watch our bots play each other. our bots can then use the chat area to say what they're "thinking".

NBGS Update

NBGS now runs as an applet, provided you have the 5 MB plugin from Sun. Check it out:

It's very shitty looking right now, but it works. Many bugs to fix. If any of you are Java experts, feel free to help me out... the source is all up there or in a .jar file. Current problems:

--- JTextField doesn't allow movement with arrows or backspacing on Linux, but it works on Windows
--- my JLabels aren't left-aligning
--- my JButtons have a ton of space on their left side

I'm getting the feeling that Swing isn't all that mature. But hasn't it been out for a few years? :-(


Eli's computer is fucked. He installed some windows 3.1 device drivers and scanner programmer to get an old umax scanner and ISA SCSI card working, but upon rebooting it gives a ton of "can't find foo.vxd" messages. I looked at it for a few minutes but got bored. I'm so helpful. Erik's going to fix it.

I'm getting really pissed off at Swing. Key bindings for a JTextField work on windows, but not Linux. Listening to the key events and moving the caret and manipulating the text myself works, but does everything double on Windows. Java the language rules... Java the platform sucks ass. I'm reading all the bugs at .... wow. Incredibly buggy. *sigh*

Blythe and Chuck want to go to Marcus' soon here. I want to program... maybe I'll go for awhile. I dunno.

damn brushing

John sent me a link about canker sores... one of the big causes (besides stress, which I have plenty of) is brushing too hard. My dentist told me a couple weeks ago that I wasn't brushing my gums enough (or the bottom of my front teeth at least). So, I started brushing them 'better'. Few days later and I have a canker sore right there in front on my gums.

Note to self: stop brushing that hard there.

Swing is still angering me. Anybody good at it and feel like helpin'?

more NBGS

making good progress on NBGS. swing is still pissing me off, but not as much. i have the UI to the point where it doesn't bother me so I can move on to other things, but it definitely needs to be fixed later, hopefully not by me.

i guess the only neat changes from the last update is that things don't look so horrible, and you can set your nick now (from either the applet or the app). and I cleaned up a lot of the infrastructure, but you can't see that.

going over to blythe's now to play scrabble.