April 1st, 2001



I'm writing tons of checks and signing forms for taxes (both personal and bradfitz.com). On my check for the United States Treasury I looked at the "For: _________ " line on the check and was tempted to write "living in this fine country. thank you... that a bargain!".

I wonder how much stupid stuff people write on checks in that space. Anil always writes something dumb there. :-)

sleep good

I slept sooo much this weekend. But I'm glad--- it's worth it. I feel really energetic today. I woke up at 1:30 or so and started doing chores for the house, then doing taxes, and now I'm cleaning my desk. I have this huge piles of paper and letters that I just get and throw on my pile, never looking at. Turns out there was some mildly important stuff in there.... 1,000 free minutes from voicestream, but I had to send in my coupon by 12/15/00. Whoops. Few months late on that one.

Whoops, and there's a Delta Skymiles bonus thing good until Jan. 12th.

Note to self: clean papers more often.