April 3rd, 2001



I got my Palm VII working with Linux. I was never fond of the Windows HotSync software and my batteries kept dying in my Palm, so I never used it. Everybody gave me shit about it, and I felt kinda guilty for it too (having paid for it), but now I'm convinced to start using it again, especially considering how many fun things I can do with having it sync to Linux. It's like a new toy!

I'm going to bed now. Tired.

Moving out....

I haven't posted about this yet, mainly because the details have been kinda unclear, but now it's all starting to fall into place.

I'm moving out!

I'm going to live with Kenji and Chuck.

Some girl from Tennessee is moving into my room on May 1st, and Kenji's showing his room off to some guy from UW in 15 minutes that wants to move in as soon as possible.

We've been looking at houses and particularly love one of them which we're going to try and sign for on Sunday, if not before. I'll post pictures of it later, but it's fucking cool.... I hope we get it.

House Update

The lady that rents the house out called back and we all went over there at 6:30 to check it out.... looks even cooler inside than it did from the outside. I cannot believe it's only $1790 a month (for the 3 of us)... seems incredibly cheap for how nice the place is. It's double what I'm paying now, but it seems like way more than twice as cool.

I won't list the three dozen cool things about the house yet... it's not for certain that we've even got it yet. We faxed in all three of our applications and gave her $20 each for the background check fee. We should hear back from her tomorrow, and then I suppose we could be moving in as early as this weekend, if not already on Thursday if things go well.

A girl from Tennessee is moving into my room. Some frickin' hot ex-sorority girl is likely moving into Kenji's room ... I guess she was really eager to get it and is asking her parents tonight. Chuck's roommates are pushing him out the door because they have a friend they want to take his spot.

Man, I can't wait.

We're going to use one of the large living rooms as a study, with all our computers in there, around the walls (all windows, overlooking Lake Washington) ... damnit. Must stop talking about how cool the place is until we get it. I was even going to be happy living at a few of the other places we looked at, but now I don't think anything will compare.

Okay, back to NBGS.... I just wrote a ton of code (working for an hour without compiling) and then I went to build it and it just all worked. I love it when that happens.