April 4th, 2001


Plan for the day....

No programming! I will not work on NBGS at all.

Must.... do... homework. I have a few more chapters to read in the Iliad and I have to memorize all my intervals down cold for music. We're going to have a speed quiz tomorrow in class.... I can figure everything out right now, but not fast enough.

Tonight we're supposed to find out if we get the house. Kenji said he was day dreaming in his hour and half accounting class and didn't hear a single thing the teacher was saying. Heh.

good, bad.

Good: we won our frisbee game! Good game, too... difference in score was never greater than 1.

Bad: haven't heard back about the house yet. so suspensful. I tried calling her but only got her answering machine, which is still advertising the house. :-(

Bad: have to do homework all night.

Good: I'm getting good at memorizing music stuff.