April 6th, 2001


so tired.

Finished my homework. Going to bed now.

But... just opened the box to the latest LJ server to arrive and there's a free t-shirt inside as well! WOoooooooo! Wow, what fun--- not only do I get to set it up and go install it as speakeasy tomorrow or monday, but I get to expand my wardrope by 16.66%


Back from classes. Trying to call all the utilities and get them out of my name. After going through a few dozen menus calling Qwest it kicks me off and I have to start over. You think a phone company could run a phone menu system, ja? Goddamn I hate big companies.

Goddamnit, I got booted again! Fuck!

Utilities, curl.

1 utility down, 3 to go.

Heh --- noticed on Slashdot the announcement of a new language for web stuff... Curl. Syntax looks almost identical to BML. The functionality is nearly the same as far as I can tell, too, but a lot more developed and clean. I should look into it more.


The reality that I'm moving in tomorrow morning hasn't really struck me yet. I'm kinda in a relaxed, lazy mood. I'm sure that'll change come tomorrow morning when I start packing.

We're going to start packing at 9:00, then drive over there at 10:15 and sign the lease, give them our checks, and get the keys, and unload our first car, wagon, minivan, and tahoe loads into the house.

If anybody's super bored and wants to help us all move tomorrow, let me know. We'll (or I'll) buy ya pizza and stuff. Moving can actually be kinda fun. I remember when we all helped Faith move in to her apartment.... good times. I can't promise this'll be fun, though.... especially if the weather sucks. I'm hoping for a perfectly sunny day. Rain would suck. Clouds I won't even mind, but rain would not make moving fun.