April 8th, 2001



My parents and little brother Cole drove up from Oregon to drop off a really nice dining room table for us.

They went back to a hotel, but Cole's staying here spending the night.

We played some Taboo and made margaritas.... mmmm. Margaritas.

viewridge, night 1.

Everybody's been in bed for hours, and I think it's time for me to go to bed too. First night in the new house.... how exciting! What's more exciting is that I'll be sleeping in a room without computers running. (we have all our computers in the downstairs ... our "study").

Going out to lunch with family tomorrow... have to wake before noon. Whoops.


Family visited last night and today. Went to Red Robin (their choice, not my demand) and we got some stuff from the old house I'd left there. (bed frame)

I've had a headache for a few weeks and I was tired, so I kicked 'em out. They were about to leave anyway. I get so grumpy when I'm tired.

Went to home depot and bought sound-dampening wood/paper plywood and built up the wall between kenji's room and the study.... much quieter now, especially after we filled the gaps and caulked.

Time to start thinking about the homework I haven't been doing for 3 or 4 days now. *gulp* I'm scared.

Ladies night

Kenji, Chuck and I have been tossing around the idea of having "Ladies Night at Viewridge". Basically, we're going to turn our place into a babe lair and invite over tons of women and wine and dine them. We already got the wonderful house and the wonderful view .... all we'd need is some wine and some food, really.

And some women.

But I think we can come up with some women. Oh yes. And not for any perverted reasons, mind you... this won't be a lesbian orgy. A real classy event... hell, we might even dress up! (of course, this means the girls would have to dress up too.... strapless bras and backless dresses.... mmmm....) Okay, back to The Plan:

Oh yeah.... we need lots of wood for our two fireplaces. Chicks dig fireplaces, right? And soothing ambient background music? Flowers? heh .... like I know how to make a babe lair! But that's why I have Chuck, who'll at least pretend he knows. I'd ask Kenji but I think he doesn't have a clue either.

So, womens from out of state that won't be attending ladies night, anyway..... give us suggestions!

We're also still debating whether or not we'll be inviting the girlfriends... I suppose we'd better, since this is a public post and we'd catch shit about it otherwise. (as Kenji cackles in the background...)


I'm starting to really use my palm pilot lately. This is my latest neat script, allowing me to use the gnome pilot daemon along with the pilot-link tool to get my to-do list:

gpilotd-client -p
read-todos /dev/pilot > ~/todo.txt
gpilotd-client -u
emacs -nw ~/todo.txt

Then I have a panel launcher run this in a terminal, where I have to hit sync, then it brings up my todo list in emacs.

Next step: a command to before the emacs line to parse the output, sync it to my LJ todo list (requires me to extend the protocol to do todo list stuff), and then gnome-moz-remote to my LJ todo page instead of bringing up emacs.