April 9th, 2001


Last 21 hours:

Went to bed last night a few minutes before midnight. I was proud. From my bed I could see the lake, the mountains, and the full moon rising through the light clouds, illuminating my room. (heh ..... sounds so poetic!)

Woke up at 6:30 from the sunrise into my room. Took a piss and went back to bed, but kept waking up every 30 minutes until I finally got out of bed around 8:00.

Internet access was dead in the morning. Went out to catch the bus to school and realized I was a few minutes late for the bus instead of an hour early. (I was thinking my class was 10:30, not 9:30...)

Drove to school instead, and parked near the old house, since I still have my zone 6 permit. Long walk to classes... normally I have my bike. Taking the bus will be better, once I get the routes and times memorized. Overheard a lot of interesting conversations on the walk. Silly sorority girls.

Classes were mostly useless. History was cool.

After classes I walked up the Ave and got more books for classes, and drove home.

At home I setup the new LJ server to bring down to Speakeasy... installation took under 5 minutes, since I already had most of it setup. I didn't plug in an external interface on this machine, since it'll just be a web crunch box, backhanded, but that required we setup NAT on another machine (two actually, for redundancy) but in the process of rebuilding the kernel and stuff, Dormando and I managed to lock ourselves out of stan because suddently /etc/rc.firewall was being evaluated, even though we hadn't set anything up in it yet. Whoops.

Was going to try and fix it, but Evan and I went and met jbonne for an MSNBC interview. Cool guy. We ate at Cedar's ... mmm... curry.

While I was at dinner, Dormando and Phunkygrrl fixed lj-stan and text messaged me. How nice. Thanks, you two!

Now I'm back and have a ton of reading to do.

I love this house.... I can't say it enough. So big, so clean, so beautiful. It'll be sad moving out when we're kicked out (the owners want to move into it themselves in 2 or 3 years, when they're done paying for the two kids' college).


I hate Classics reading.
I have a worksheet to do that's blank, and it's due tomorrow morning.
I'm pissed off.
These questions suck, and I can't even understand the questions, much less try and answer them.
I have a headache and I'm tired.... I don't want to work on them.
Screw it all.
I'll BS it in the morning, or just not turn it in.