April 14th, 2001


not dead

People keep thinking I'm dead because I'm not posting, so here's a post. Summary of last few days:

rode the bus a lot
did a lot of homework and reading
lot of rain
thunder and lightning one day
setup a bunch of servers (ljtest, wendy, bebe, monstachuck)
NAT and firewalls are fun
two pairs of socks is fun
screwed with the cable so we could get cable TV instead of just cable internet ... needed to tape survivor. not quite done... need to finish this project later.
getting a lot of homework done on the busses lately
safeway! food.
todd colton (buddy from LA... used to work at virtualis... taught me to hax0r) sent me part of new 2pac album. always amazed how dead people can keep putting out albums. 2pac lives!
gdancer rules. cornholio is good for blink 182. ghostman loves 2pac. dormando doesn't.
tried to take a nap but various stereos kept me awake.
i invited a few people over to watch a movie and drink, but nobody came.
instead, i laid on the ground underneith my computer table with my headphones and listened to baxter while being depressed and cold
i need a laptop so I can go to pretty parks and program and go to my room and listen to music
i also want a spool of ethernet cable and crimpers
and a bunch more dvds... been awhile since i bought any
mowed the lawn yesterday w/ my gasless lawnmower (so fun)
chuck's lady friend commented, "I didn't think they even made lawn mowers anymore!" I asked, "how do you think lawns get mowed?". Her wonderful reply: "People have gardeners."
been working on LJ a bunch
no fun things... just maintenance, system stuff. making it fast, reliable, secure and backed up well.
going to go clean our basketball court and go find/buy a ball.
nice day outside.