April 15th, 2001


la la

went to the speakeasy (=speazy) party last night
met some cool people, and am now able to put a lot more faces to names
there was one really cute, friendly girl there, but then she started smoking and it made me sad
i know that doesn't make her any less nice, or less interesting
it just makes me sad.... i don't even know her, but i wish she (or, anyone) wouldn't smoke
the house the party was at was really damn cool
there was lawn all around the house, a duck pond with ducks, a ground-level deck
a detached garage turned into a rec-room with a pool table
i pictured the party involving a lot of dancing and stuff, but it was
mostly socializing, which was okay, but it'd have been nice to know more people
i should have introduced myself to more people and got involved in conversation more
but then i'm always introduced as "that livejournal guy" which is odd.
i'm not embarassed to be introduced like that, since the majority of the people there use it
but sometimes i wish i could just be some random person
but would i talk to more people then? probably not.
i guess that's why i was hoping there was more dancing... less interaction with people?
who knows.
it was fun, though. the speazy crew is an interesting group of people.
evan drove back and then spent the night, after we did some LJ work
yay for taking down the database slightly inebriated
in the morning we made pancakes and scrambled eggs, and then i took him home
i suppose i should do homework now, but so many other fun things seem better
i'm starting to get people sending me cool patches for livejournal
i really want to start applying them... don't want to make people think their work is unappreciated
livejournal's getting so big lately.
people have been asking me for months if i'm scared, but i haven't been until lately.
need to really focus and get organized.
stupid school. i feel like it's doing nothing but drag me down.
i don't even want a college degree.... i'll be damned if it ever proves useful.
i should apply for some jobs i don't even want anyway without listing my college degree when i get it
only listing past work experience and projects.... that'd be interesting.
okay, time to do an hour or so of schoolwork i guess.
rsync is moving over last night's snapshot of the lj database to kenny.
yay for --bwlimit.
the directory and backups should be up soon after this, then.
i can't find a good tool to make binary diffs between files.
i want something to record ranges in a binary file that have changed.
file format could be:
<magic number> <version> (<seek to> <data length> <data ....>)+
rsync already does it somehow ... can I get rsync to write to a file what it would've changed?
and then be able to apply it later?
it'd be easy enough to write one myself, and fun too, so maybe that's what i'll do
hell if i'm going to store the last 7 days of the LJ database on my local machine without binary diffs
okay, homework time.


we have cable tv in all rooms now, after repairing the cuts the installer made
/me is cable crimpin' master
off to dinner with raja and jeff now.