April 17th, 2001


Silly weather, Stupid Dell

It's been nice and sunny lately and I've been wearing jeans, two shirts, and a coat. Today I decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt without a coat since it was so nice out. Kenji and I got off the bus and it started raining. We looked up ... blue skies. Anyway, it remained cold and annoying slightly rainy all day. Brrr.

Lectures this quarter in all my classes have been interesting, but not today... went really slow.

I called Dell last night to buy some more parts for the LiveJournal servers... they asked me a dozen questions about my business, its history, and future plans, then told me somebody would call me back tomorrow. And that was the order line! I just want some damn parts. Anyway, they were supposed to call me back today at 9am. They called at 12am while I was in class (got the message later). Now I just tried calling two people there who I've talked to before... both of them are "on the phone with another customer or out of the office", so I'm waiting on the phone for "approximately 19 minutes" until I get to give them my money for their overpriced proprietary hardware. Yay.

I tried searching the web to find other vendors that made "processor modules" for PowerEdge 2400s, but couldn't find any. I also need some new harddrives for Kenny ... are those Dell-specific? Marcus' servers have the same type of drive connectors, so it seems I could buy those elsewhere. I should search the web now while I wait the remaining 17 minutes.

Oh yeah ... Dell's website is the worst e-commerce site I've ever seen.

They don't have good phone sales service, and it's painful to find what you're looking for on their site ..... it seems like they don't want to make money! ???


I was just about to go to bed and decided I should do my history section homework before I went to bed (usually it's easy and takes less than 15 minutes). So, I go to the website and check it:
Assignment for 18 April

This section will preview the upcoming book review assignment by using the Rhodes readings to date. By 18 April, according to the syllabus, you should have read through Chapter 17 in Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Your assignment for this week will engage the process of how to evaluate historical works by addressing the following questions in a short response of a few paragraphs (less than one page).

1. What is Rhodes’ thesis? How does it shape his account?

2. What is your reaction to this book so far? What in your opinion makes this a “good” piece of history, or not?
I haven't started reading it yet. *gulp*