April 18th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired

Screw it.

2/17 chapters done... 11.8% done
52/614 pages done... 8.5% done

I'm going to bed. I can't stay up late anymore.... don't have it in me anymore.

I'll read tomorrow on the bus and during classes I guess. I have an hour break before my history section to BS a few paragraphs if I can't finish the remaining pages in time (and I won't.)

Stupid school.

bleh / skating

Totally crappy day this morning.

Woke up tired, almost missed the bus, had to read through my first two classes and then my hour break, couldn't get anything to print in the CS lab for a long time (the windows print server was down) ... went to mary gate's hall (sigh) but nothing would print there, since I don't have money on my card, went back to sieg and printed from unix ... ended up with a nice character-wrapped paper that was hardly legible in the center third of the page because the toner was low. classes were all boring and slow.

There were a bunch of other things bugging me but I can't remember now. I'm in a little better mood now because...

I bought a skateboard!

I've been wanting a skateboard for awhile now, but now that my classes are so far apart and I don't ride my bike to school anymore, I'll skate between them and be on time. Mainly for my history class, which is a damn long ways away, but there's a nice smooth trail going most of the way there.

So, this just means I have to learn to skate again. I used to do it when I was younger, but I don't think I was ever that great then. How hard can it be, though, ya know? :P I'm just going to use it as transportation, not to ollie up on rails or anything.... (though that'd be fun to learn ... :-))

I'm going to go to campus this evening and skate around with Kenji, and he's going to roller blade. My goal is to get confident enough tonight so I can bring my board to class tomorrow and not feel stupid in front of everybody else. Kenji says I have to learn a new trick per day. I think that's a little ambitious... my trick for this week is going to be not dying. Oh, and going downhill and slowing myself down gracefully somehow (I've been watching people on campus... there seems to be like 3 ways to do it)

Anyway, fun's later... now's boring write-an-essay time. The topic:
Discuss the role of the chorus in Agamemnon, Oedipus the King, and Hippolytus. How are they similar? How are they different? Who is the chorus? What does the chorus do? What does the chorus add to the audience's understanding of the play?
Fun! *rolls eyes*

go ghostman, go ghostman!

ghostman is so useless.
he never helps me with my homework.
he's just dancin' away to 2pac and i'm stuck with writing.

"got a lot of thug in me, that i wanna put in you...."
"got a lot of thug in me, that i wanna give to you...."
"grab me by my nuts while i'm loving you, now open up and let me put the thug in you."
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gleaming the cube

So Kenji and I went to campus at 8:00 and went all over the place... parking garage to red square to the quad, down through the hub, down by the fountain, down to the burke-gillman trail, over to fisheries, then up to lindsay's house, had a beer, then went over to 15th, and rode back down to the parking garage. Fun stuff.

Skateboarding rules.

In addition to beer, Lindsay gave me her Subway stamps! If anybody has Subway stamps they don't want or use, give them to me!!! :-P I'm all about free Subway food. Mmmmm..... Italian BMT. So good.

Kenji and I are making pizza.

Okay, time to finish that essay.


Paper is done. It was almost done before I started writing it. (2 page hard maximum ... had to shrink my borders down to make it fit.) I didn't even proof-read it... that's how much I care. It'd be boring to read, and I'll get a good grade anyway, since the class is stupid.

Now I have to do a study guide for the same class... major differences between Herodotus and Thucydides? Hell if I know ... haven't read any Thucydides yet. Don't feel like it, either. Maybe I'll go skim it enough to go BS something.

I should be given a damn medal for my BSing ability. I can take no knowledge whatsoever and turn it into something that sounds really deep and profound. I procrastinate a bunch and can never get started too quickly, but once I get going --- watch out. Crap be flyin' all over the place.

I'm so sick of school. I totally want to drop out, but I don't think my parents would like that.

I'm so close too .... after this quarter I have 27 total credits left: 5 more writing credits, 6 visual/literary/performing credits, 2 senior electives, and then I guess 14 credits of whatever requires the least attendance and least work to get a credit.

This started as a post on short term progress, but I guess the subject works for my long-term progress as well. Bleh. Stoopid school.

Update... 11:50: Screw reading. Those questions were all easy.... answered them by making stuff up. Hooray for dedication to excellence! LJ time until 12:30 or so, then sleep.