April 21st, 2001


(no subject)

watched platoon earlier with kenji and chuck ... until chuck left.
finished the AI project. might need some polish, but it's essentially done. meeting scott tomorrow to work on it but since it's about done, I doubt we'll work on it long.
bunch of LJ stuff to do tomorrow.
oh .... and the party.. "yeah, don't forget!" -- strange brew

so sore.

been up for a few hours now.
cleaned the kitchen, made more iced tea
put in a chicken pot pie. 30 more minutes.
traded chuck a new wallet for my old DVD rack... more organization for all: good trade.
my old wallet was hardly staying in one piece anymore.
working on cleaning my room now... it got messy this week, as it always does.
scott's coming over in an hour or something.
I'm so sore from skateboarding ... I guess I've fallen more times than I can remember... random pains all over my body. Feels like the day after a good day of skiing. (yes, a good day of skiing involves crashing a lot.... if you're not crashing, you're not hitting big enough jumps)
back to cleaning, then skateboarding until scott comes....
gonna learn to ollie today... oh yes.

la la

went to 5251 and sold memory to eli, picked up scott
AI project totally rules now.
ordered pizza... played basketball... tried to ollie a bunch
taking scott back now and going out on the boat with chuck