April 22nd, 2001


Boating, Pool, and Partying

Exciting weekend.

After my last update of basketball and pizza, chuck and I went out on his dad's boat. (pictures) His dad even let me drive ... see that "oh shit, this is his new boat and he's letting me drive it" look on my face? (It's also a good shot of my receding hairline and hat head.) Boating was fun.... I was going 50 knots and it didn't feel fast at all. The boat goes up to 75 .... nice boat.

We drove right up to Bill Gate's house on the water..... pretty damn cool.

Afterwards we played pool. Like my break? Yay for shutter speed controls. I lost twice in a row.... pretty pathetic.

Came back and then went over to a party at 5251 (the old house) ... when we got there only a few people were there, so we went to another party first. On the walk over to the other party we passed a little grocery store. Chuck and I stopped in and bought alcohol. Damn it's fun being 21. Walking around the U-District with a brown paper bag.... heh. It's neat being in the U-District every so often, but I'm glad I don't live there anymore. 5251 was trashed by the end of the night .... I've never seen so many people in that house at once. Extremely successful party.

Today I woke up at noon and have been working on LJ and my inbox all day. I've yet to eat, though, so I'm starting to consider food options. I should go to a grocery store, but a 7-11 hotdog sounds pretty good, too. :-)

Operation Camboys

I thought up a brilliant plan ...

Chuck, Kenji and I can start up a Camboy site... we can call it "3 guys, 1 site" or something corny. We go and buy a few of these these babies ($500 each) and put them all over the house... no computer needed.

Then, I write some cool program to upload the streaming images to a server and have it resend it out to whoever (so we don't saturate our home connection).

We may need to get a DSL line, though, since our cable upload speeds are terrible and kill our download speeds.

With all these costs, I think we'd have to start a paid area.... think between the 3 of us we could get 25 people (hopefully girls) to pay $3/month or so and watch us walk around the house with no shirts and no pants? Hell, Chuck and Kenji walk around in boxers all the time as is.... all we need to do is put up a camera and take off our shirts. :-P