April 23rd, 2001


good weekend

Time to go to bed.
Chuck, Lindsay, and Jennifer were making pie until about a few minutes ago.
I would've been angry at all the noise but I've been working on LJ non-stop for hours.
Got a bunch done and feel pretty good, but so much more to do (always).
Understand a lot more of the problems we're having (bug in FreeBSD kernel)
So tired. Didn't do a damn bit of homework this weekend.
Can't think of any, though.... Either that's good or I'm gonna be screwed because I forgot.
We'll see.
In any case, it was a good weekend.

~10x faster

I can now upload at 135 Kbps instead of 16 Kbps. Thank you. Time to get some streaming webcams! Ah yea'.

Skipped two of my classes this morning .... first skips this quarter. Didn't feel like getting out of bed. Went to bed too late last night.

I had profound thoughts on the bus today, but they're gone now, like always. Note to self: write down future profound thoughts.

I called ASL and got a quote on a new server. LJ server stuff is consuming most of my time lately. So stressful.

I have homework to do I think ... and a lot of reading. Bleh.

No upgrade

Didn't make it to Airborne Express before they closed, so couldn't pick up the parts. Guess I'm doing the upgrade tomorrow.

Need to fix mod_backhand tonight!

LJ problems ... what's new?

mod_backhand is disappointing me. I hate to do it, but I think LJ needs to buy a commercial load balancing box... I'd prefer to stick with open source, but open source all too often sucks. But it's so close to working! My feeling is that the FreeBSD 4.x support in backhand isn't as developed as other platforms.... it's relatively new. hopefully dormando or theo can fix it.

Went to do the hardware upgrade of Cartman and Kenny today but I didn't make it to Airborne Express in time, so I couldn't pick up the drives. what a waste of a few hours.

Everything seems like a waste of time lately. Especially school. I want to drop out. No, not "drop out" ... quit. Dropping out sounds like I can't take it so I ran away scared. That's not it at all ... school just pisses me off. It's easy, boring, and a waste of my fucking time. But yet I go! I'm going to party so much when I'm done. I can't wait. How much longer? Ummm.... damnit.

Guess I should go read or something.

I'm getting away from LJ problems. Stupid backhand.