April 24th, 2001


I bought it.

What's a great way to make a crappy day not so crappy? Spend money!
I bought an Axis 200 Network Camera.
Now I guess I need a spool of ethernet cable and some crimpers... need to run some wiring upstairs. (any suggestions on where to buy a spool and crimpers online?)

Not done reading Plato. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow on the bus. Time for bed.

Nice Weather, Biking, Deliveries

Weather kicked ass this morning so I wore Birkenstocks and light clothing. Took my bike on the bus, too. Took a nap in the sun between classes. Rode my bike home after music instead of taking the bus... wasn't far at all. Quite nice, too... all flat, and nice scenery. (I mean nature scenery... not skin scenery. But there was plenty of skin scenery out today too. Blythe was showing too much skin for too long and got sunburnt.... hahahah)

Two new harddrives for Kenny and the second processor for Cartman arrvied today while I was at school. LJ upgrade tonight I guess.

ThinkGeek called to confirm my camera order ... they're shipping it out tomorrow. Hooray.


so exhausted, mentally and physically
ordered some pizza. gave kenji money to pay
i'm going to take a nap
was upstairs in my room but it's noisy up there
going to sleep underneith my computers with my headphones on